The Ins & Outs of SheIn

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday! We are officially half-way through this week & I am so excited because we are having our first engagement party this coming weekend (eek!).

For those of you who don't know, both of my brothers are engaged as well and we are all getting married within 6 months of each other. Crazy, I know, I don't know how my parents do it, but they are truly amazing. Our aunt's and uncles are throwing all 3 of us an engagement party this weekend and I can't wait to finally start celebrating!

Recently, I have gotten a lot of questions about SheIn and whether or not to trust the clothing so I thought I would just do a blog post on it and give my best reviews. So here you go! I have also included all of the items I have purchased:

When I first heard about SheIn, it was probably about 2 years ago. I was very skeptical at first, I actually didn't order anything until about three months ago after I saw some other influencers were ordering from them as well. My thoughts were okay, this stuff is cute but super inexpensive, so how can the quality be that good?

After finally deciding to take the plunge, I am SO glad that I did! I have ordered around 15 different items (mostly shirts & dresses) and just placed another order for 16 things. I have only had to send back 3 of them: 1 was because I ordered two different sizes of the same thing so I sent back the one that didn't fit, the other was a handbag that came in damaged, and the last one was a dress that was too short for me (I have extremely long legs compared to my torso so I always have a problem with dresses/shorts that are appropriate).

Here are a couple of tips that I suggest when ordering from SheIn:

1. ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS, pay the $1.99 for shipping insurance. I did from the very first time I ordered, but have heard that if you don't, making returns can be a little more difficult. 

2. If you can get to $100 in your bag, they typically always will have free shipping. It's been like that since my first order, so I assume it's all the time, but don't want to make any promises.

3. ALWAYS read reviews. This is my #1 tip for ordering from SheIn. If I like something, I will typically read through the first 2 pages of reviews because a lot times girls will have posted pictures of what it looks like on, so you can see how you think what your purchasing may fit you.

4. If you can't decide between two sizes, order both. I have done this MULTIPLE times and I'm so glad that I did because I am sometimes in between a small and a medium, and because sometimes it can take longer for something to get to you, I don't want to have to wait to return one to exchange it for the other size, I would rather have the one that fits and just send the other one back.

5. Speaking of shipping times: I usually only buy things that have the "Priority Dispatching" & SheIn has added a new filter that allows you to filter for only those that are included in that. I will tell you that I have purchased lots of items that are not included in that because I loved them & it usually takes about 1-2 weeks to get to you. If you aren't in a rush & you love the item, just get it and if you don't like it, you can always return it :)

6. Deals: SheIn is really good about having even better deals than they already do. They have sales a lot, like the one going on right now is $40 off of $200, which I just bought a ton of stuff for!

7. RETURNS: If you get something in and don't like it (and have paid the $1.99 for insurance), they are very good about getting back to you as quickly as they can. They are re-doing this part on their site right now to where once you "confirm your delivery", you will have the ability to click "return" on your "my orders" page. There are a couple of issues right now where the "return" button isn't showing up on some peoples "my orders" page, myself being one of those, so you just "submit a ticket" saying you would like to return something. Once you let them know what you would like the send back, they send you a pre-paid label where you just print it out and drop it off at your local USPS. (The $1.99 insurance covers your return payment all the way to China, so again, it's definitely worth it!)

8. If you do happen to return something (not exchange), what SheIn does is credit "Your Wallet". From here, you can either choose to keep the money in your wallet, or you can transfer it back to your card (no charges are taken out, don't worry). I'm not sure why they do this, I think it's to maybe encourage you to try to find something else that you would like, but they make it super easy for you to just transfer that money back to your card, hassle free :)

9. If you ever have any questions about sizing or how a product fits, please feel free to reach out to me through DM or email: . I will get back with you as quickly as I can and am more than happy to help.

10. I have never bought any shorts/bathing suits from SheIn before, but I have a friend that did and she said the quality is pretty good. The bottoms were too small but all she really wanted was the top, so just be sure to read the reviews on everything to figure out your sizing.

11. Rewards Program: SheIn's version of rewards points are awesome! For every dollar you spend, you get 1 SheIn point. These points work kind of like Sephora's to where you don't have to use the right when you get them, you can let them grow. Once you want to use them, you just apply them to your order in the checkout process for $ off! For example, if you have $500 points, you can use that to take $5 off your next order. They also have tons of ways to get more points, not just through buying, but by sharing, etc.

12. Please remember that sometimes things happen, no one is perfect, and you may occasionally get something in that is damaged, etc., but SheIn is always more than happy to exchange or return! 

I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions, again, please reach out to me!

Here is all of the things I have bought from SheIn, so just click on the picture of what you like and it will take you to the page!