The Det's On LikeToKnow.It & $23 Romper

Happy Tuesday!

Does anyone feel like yesterday was the longest day ever? It wasn't that it went by slowly, it just felt like it was never ending & that there was so much to be done that I didn't have time to make myself some lunch (which we all know rarely happens).

I will say that yesterday was also a VERY exciting day for me! I have been using the site called for probably about 3 years now, where every time I would "like" a bloggers picture that was a member of this site, I would get an email about all of her outfit details. It was probably one of the greatest creations I have ever seen. I used to get so frustrated sometimes when I would be looking on other sites that had super cute outfits, but no links to where anything came from. 

Cue in Here is an exact description from the website that I copied & pasted of exactly what the website/app are all about: 

" enables you to shop influencer images from Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and across the mobile web. Influencers tag products in their images and delivers the ready-to-shop product details to you via the app and email when you screenshot or 'like' an image on social media or the mobile web. From the iOS app, you are able to discover and curate thousands of ready-to-shop influencer images, daily." (

So for all three or so years that I have been a member of this site, I have always wanted to be one of the influencers who put together outfits/products that people could "like" or "screenshot" and all the details on where to get everything from would show up on their account.

So....getting back to some great news I had yesterday....I was officially ACCEPTED to be an influencer on their site! Meaning, when I post a picture that has the "widget", you can "like" or "screenshot" the picture if you have an account with! Remember, to sign up for an account is free, they don't ask for any card information, etc., it's just a way for people to scroll through instagram and when they see something they like, they can get the details on the outfit!

One of my goals in this industry has always been to be accepted as an influencer on their site because it's not something that just anyone can do, you have to go through an application & selection process, so it's almost a prestigious kind of thing. So if you can't tell, I'm very proud for putting myself out there and in doing so, being selected.

If you wish to sign up for and have your life completely changed with ready-to-wear outfits, click HERE to sign-up.

Here are the details on my outfit:


 It's the southern way,


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