Black Tassel Dress

Good Morning & Happy Thursday!

Has anyone else been feeling extra tired lately? There are some mornings that I wake up and my body feels so heavy that I can't even move. Does that mean I'm not getting into a deep sleep or that I'm just not sleeping enough? Who knows! But what I do know is that I will be having lots and lots of coffee to help me get through the day because I have a very exciting event tonight that I can't wait to share some pictures with y'all later :)

I had a huge package arrive on Monday right before I had a shoot on Tuesday, and one of my favorite pieces that came in was THIS dress. It is a double v-neck black tassel dress and I am in love with it! The arm area is a little long, so I would definitely suggest either wearing it as a cover up or with a bandeau if you choose to wear it as a normal dress.

I paired the dress with THIS jean jacket that I have had for a few years and continue to wear all year long. It's so comfortable and stretchy! I have a hard time finding jean jackets that fit me well, and this is the first one I've ever purchased. The ones I had seen before were either too short on my torso (which is surprising since I have a very short torso) or they were too long. So when I found THIS one, I knew I had to have it :)

I also wore my favorite Goldbug Bracelet, that you can find HERE. I told y'all this bracelet goes with everything. My day-to-day jewelry is always gold, so when I was given this piece for my birthday last year, I have worn it almost every single day.

My favorite rose gold watch has made another appearance (very surprising, am I right?). If you are looking for a new classic, simple, clean looking watch, THIS is the one to get. It's not overly expensive, I actually consider it to be very fairly priced for the quality. I have tons of watches that I have collected over a few years, but this one takes the cake and is the perfect accessory to any outfit. 

Straw bags are my new favorite bag for summer. I have already collected quite a few, but you can find a few of my favorites HERE. The earrings I am wearing are also a new favorite for summer because I love how they pop with every outfit! I love how bright white they are & how they go with everything! You can find the earrings and many more like them HERE.

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