July 4th Ready Tie Back Striped Top

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

How crazy is it that July is already here? I can't believe how fast June went by! I feel like before we know it we are going to be ringing in the new year. Can time slow down a little bit, please?

So many exciting things happened this past weekend; my brother who has been living in New Zealand came home late Thursday night for a week so we are all trying to spend as much time with him as possible. Sunday morning I woke him up at about 6am because I was so excited he was here! (I don't think he was very happy with me for waking him up that early)

We were able to spend a lot of time with family this weekend because they all wanted to spend time with my brother while he's here, so it was nice to be back with everyone.

Moving on to the Split Bow Tie Back Striped Babydoll Top......

Are you ready for 4th of July celebrations? Every year on the 4th, we go somewhere to watch the fireworks on the water because you can see them coming from every part of town. It's so cool because any direction you look you can see tons of fireworks! While I don't like to be close to them because of an accident when I was a kid, I do like to admire them from afar :)

I always worry about what I am going to wear because I want something that is 4th related, but I also want it to be something that I will wear more than just once. So when I found THIS top, I couldn't have been more excited!! 

I love the bow tie back details & the babydoll style of this shirt. For the 4th, we always end up eating hotdogs and hamburgers so I love that this top is the babydoll style! (and if I spill a little ketchup on me, no one will notice :) )

The necklace I am wearing here is a new one that I haven't shown y'all before. This is part of my friends Goldbug Collection & you can find it HERE. I love the locket style of the necklace & the details: on the front, it has two bugs and on the back it says "love bugs". This is another one of my staples that I wear on a regular basis because of how simple and cute it is! You can shop all of her Goldbug Collection HERE.

I am loving everything straw for summer. I think it's because it reminds me so much of home. On many street corners here in Charleston, you will see Charleston Grass Baskets being made. These elegant and beautiful baskets come in many different shapes and sizes & make for the perfect wedding gifts. So I've put together a little lookbook of clickable links of my favorite straw handbags below for you!

Below are links to the outfit:

Other links not above:


It's the southern way,